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The Currency of Love

This may sound strange, but I love thinking about currency. It’s such a rich and multi-layered metaphor, and over time I’ve come to see how it plays a profound role in my practice
as an Intuitive Life Strategist and Counselor.

We use currency in terms of dollars, pounds, or euros. We rely on currency in terms of electricity – the electrical current flows through our homes, our atmosphere, and even our bodies. Water is a life-giving force only when it’s guided by a current – like the current of a river or the current of the tide. Even time has a current – it flows, and the power you have to shape your life exists here, right now, in the current moment.

So why bring this up? Here’s why: what I’m about to share with you could be life changing. It could work its way through your entire life, starting right now. If you let it.

In my studies and work with clients, I have learned that we are all plugged into different kinds of “currencies” throughout our lives.

Our patterns of behaviour, our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs, our feelings – they are all forms of energy. They are all forms of currency that we plug into, use, rely on, and let ourselves be guided by. Oftentimes unconsciously, without even thinking about it.

In other words, we are plugged into different currents of thought and emotion, depending on our beliefs and experiences. Including the beliefs and experiences of our families, friends, and society. They are all energetic patterns that are passed on and plugged into.

Here’s the Gem

Here’s the most important piece I want you to grab onto and start using as a sort of “compass reset” for your life. Your powerful personal transition can begin the very moment you consciously decide to pull the plug from what doesn’t work and choose a different, more light-filled plug to attach to.

You can plug into the currency of fear…or love. You can plug into the currency of blame…or acceptance. You can plug into the currency of sorrow…or joy.

It’s simply a matter of waking up and doing it. And when we remember this, we reclaim the power of choice.

You Can Start Now

Plugging into a new currency can start immediately. It doesn’t take special skills or training. Just reading this is enough to start your journey back to yourself. All you need is an easy-flowing mindfulness and a readiness for change. Because once you start, things can shift wonderfully for you and spread throughout your entire unique holographic personal universe.

If you’d like some help and guidance along the way, then that’s where my job comes in. An intuitive reading can help identify the unique guideposts that are meaningful for your own personal journey.

As an Intuitive Counselor my job is to act as messenger and tour guide. I can help you see what currencies you’re still plugged into that are draining your power. I can show you the patterns that are keeping you stuck.

My hope is that you’ll begin to rekindle and strengthen the love you have for yourself and the richness of who you truly are. Our work together can help you plug into the currency of the authentic, joy-filled, purposeful life you’re hardwired to live.

Your Next Step

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It’s designed to help you re-kindle your relationship with your Intuition, and begin to work with the life energy that flows through all of us in the form of Archetypes.

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