Intuition and the search for Truth – Welcome to the World of Paradox – super heroes needed apply within!

Truth:  the only thing certain is, uncertainty.

Hmm….yet we are all seemingly hard wired to try and control outcomes. Good Luck with that!

I am aware that we are so not supposed to do this journey on our own.  We are meant to have companions who can walk beside us or to be mentored at times by someone slightly ahead of us on the Hero’s journey.

Daily we are confronted with seemingly evil doer forces that try to outwit us and wear us down.  If you are thinking you don’t have someone in your present life to help stand up or beside you, no worries time to hook up with a super hero.  Its easy to conjure up a superhero.  Just think about a super hero that you love or admire.

(For me I am thinking about Cat Woman.)  Close your eyes and imagine you are embodying that energetic blueprint of that super hero you admire.  (I love Cat Woman’s cat suit one size fits all costume..hey it’s my imagination.)  I feel more powerful already.  Sometimes I need to pussy foot around something and be a bit aloof like cat woman while I give myself some breathing room to reflect on what the truth really is.  We all need a leg up sometimes or a different energy to engage to shift us out of the symbolic “kitty litter” box.

You could ask that super hero if they were stuck like you and wanting a different possible  action to try invoke that from your dialogue with them.  What would Cat Women do if in my position?  You can daydream when it suits your timing.  These super hero energetic forces can be tapped into 24/7.

They are like shape shifters and you can engage different ones with their different powers.   You can ask to see your problem or frustration through their super hero lens to gain a new possible insight or perspective.

Be curious about what bubbles up and see what develops.

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