“Okay, so you feel hopelessly
stuck in the wrong life.

If you can just drum up the vim to send one email or make one phone call, connect with Theresa Andersen,
and get her high energy working for you. Theresa will use her natural skill for guidance and her mastery of psychological tools to dig your true self out of the mire, and once that process begins, you’ll be amazed how quickly and deeply you’ll feel your right life emerging. If you’re committed to staying in the same old rut, this is the wrong coach for you. If you’re ready for a bigger, more fulfilling life, try a session with Theresa and see how good change can feel.”

Martha Beck, PhD is a nationally-recognized life coach, best-selling author, and monthly columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine.


“I am able to move forward with my life in a much more positive, proactive, and happy way.

Theresa’s insights into my “stuck areas of life” have been very enlightening. With this knowledge I have been able to address family, people, and work issues in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I highly recommend a session with Theresa if you want to engage in a better life – a life that you deserve to live more fully.”

– Edward F, BC

“Theresa was able to share a new way of viewing my life – a way for me to take charge of my life, rather than letting external forces run my life.

As a fairly pragmatic individual, I was intrigued by the idea of an Intuitive Reading. I was looking for a way of releasing and transforming the mental, emotional, and physical energy blocks that have weighed me down. I was anxious to explore a different venue – something that did not focus on conscious, rational processes. I found this with Theresa. Her insights were thoughtful, contemplative, elucidating and humorous. I look forward to exploring the archetype patterns we discussed and implementing some of the tools and resources Theresa shared with me.”

– Cathy A, BC

“At a very crucial juncture when I was feeling spiritually fractured Theresa was able to help me feel deeply connected to All That Is.

I first met Theresa a few years ago at a conference on astrology and intuition. We sat next to each other. She had me write down the name of the city where I live. Within minutes, she used her already finely tuned spiritual reading skills and helped me see the name of the town where I lived had a spiritual code that matched where I was on my own personal Spiritual journey. Astonishing. Since that day we have remained in touch and I have grown immensely from her even greater expansion as an intuitive. Theresa is a true treasure.”

– Tony S, USA

“Theresa gave me an impressive reading.

The Intuitive reading helped to identify mental and emotional obstacles in my life and gave me the strength to move beyond them.”

– Eleonore K, Vancouver Island

“Theresa’s caring and gentle guidance

during my session with her led to a wonderful new way of connecting with my inner self…an amazing journey of “self discovery”. I was not sure what to expect, but she led me to a place where I had a completely new perspective on my personal potential, which took me somewhat by surprise! It was truly a delightful and insightful experience and one which I would highly recommend.”

– Pippa H, South Africa

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